Zeymawi is a group of artists located in The Netherlands. The members of Zeymawi are:

  • Sammy Tesfom (singer);
  • Ja'son the black Mesaia (musician and MC);
  • Teshalino (MC);
  • K. Palmer (sound-engineer and MC);
  • DJ Precise a.k.a. Borona (producer and DJ).
In April 2003 Sammy and Precise met each other and started to share their musical experiences. At that time Sammy was very involved in the R&B scene and DJ Precise was a well respected DJ in the dancehall scene. Sammy and Precise had the deep wish to create music strictly in African language. Besides Dj'ing, Precise, a member of the well-known AMOLAB crew, was also actively producing music in the AMOLAB crew studio. Precise started experimenting with different African artists and combining different styles. This is what triggered Sammy to do the same in Tigrigna. Sammy got Teshalino to join them and that is when Zeymawi started to take form.
Teshalino is a talented lyricist and writer of spoken word. At that time he was also into music and had recorded the original version of Ab Asmara. 

In May 2003 Sammy and Teshalino recorded the song "Ab Asmara". The lyrics were written by Teshalino, the melody by Sammy and the beat was made by Precise. Sammy and Teshalino performed that song on the Independence Day festival in Eritrea for a Music Mayday project. This song was well received by people in Eritrea and in Holland. The positive reaction gave them so much energy that they decided to record more tracks. Right when they wanted to record their second song called "Tezekerido", they had to look for a new studio, because AMOLAB studio had to shut down, because the owner wanted to sell the building.

After the studio was closed, DJ Precise started Dj'ing in lots of clubs and did very less producing. Sammy and Teshalino had to look for another studio to pursue their dream. It was very tough to find people who made good productions within their budget. So Sammy started to teach himself how to make beats and got fairly good at it. In June 2004 Teshalino brought Mesaia into the group. Mesaia had the same dream as Sammy and Teshalino and he knew some people who made nice beats and had affordable studios. This is how K. Palmer came into the group. He is a talented sound-engineer and has a small but decent studio. Short after K. Palmer joined the group, they recorded 3 songs within a month. After these 3 songs were recorded Teshalino had to leave to Asmara for a year. So Sammy, Mesaia and K. Palmer had to continue working without him to finish the album. This past year their lives have revolved around the upcoming album. They have learned a lot about music production and engineering.

On July the 15th 2005 they released their first single CD called MAMA in Europe. And it will hopefully be distributed worldwide soon. The CD contains the four tracks Mama, Disco, Tezekerido and Elil endabelet. To promote their music they have performed on several festivals and events in Europe. Like in Holland, Germany, Sweden, England, France etc. Zeymawi will also perform in the upcoming festivals and several events all over Europe. Watch out for Zeymawi in your area.  

The debut CD is expected to be released summer 2006.